Athletes, my muse and inspiration

Im März 2012 reiste Hannes Rehbein im Rahmen eines Fotoshooting für die Marke Bikkembergs auf die Malediven. 

Der belgische Modedesigner Dirk Bikkembergs ist bekannt dafür Elemente aus der Sportwelt, insbesondere dem Fußball, in seine Modekreationen einzubinden. Der Schwerpunkt seiner Kollektionen liegt auf der Männermode. 


Auf den Malediven entstand spektakuläres Bildmaterial, welches der Designer Dirk Bikkembergs im Januar 2014 in seinem neuen Buch und Lebenswerk veröffentlichte.

Ein 400 Seiten starker Bildband über Athleten und Fashion. Darin enthalten ca. 50 Doppelseiten mit den stärksten Bildern von Hannes Rehbein vor dem Hintergrund der traumhaften Malediven. 

Im Interview berichtet der Designer Dirk Bikkembergs über die Inspiration für seine Mode:

„Like every creative mind, I also have my personal visions, admirations, and obsessions!

Two main components make up my inspiration as a fashion designer: proportion and seduction

The first one is almost an infliction: an obsession for perfect proportions in anything I catch sight of. As a fashion designer, the human body and its form play a crucial role in my creative processes. The quest of the ancients for ’’the perfectly proportioned body“ is also deeply embedded in my own DNA. Undoubtedly, achieving a ’’perfectly proportioned body“ requires immense self-discipline (another of my obsessions), passion, patience, consistency, pride, stamina, and a degree of self-love.

I greatly admire people who can live to that state of mind (unfortunately I cannot, which is why I became a fashion designer – to create the illusion!).


The second component is elementary to the human drive to live, along with food and basic survival.

Nobody on Earth can resist a physically attractive person – a man or a woman who radiates health, beauty, and happiness. For me this irresistible appeal is synonymous with sports and athletes in general. These men and women became my inspiration, my pulse, my thermometer, my judge, my client . . . It was through them that I discovered my personal sense of fashion, that it was all abouth what lay beneath the clothes, and not just about outward design or sophisticated, expensive materials and finishing details.


That is why, for me, this book is primarily about ’’the men“ who have inspired me throughout my entire career and life. I could NEVER have done it without their passions and obsessions.

I have chosen twenty-three different guys, all athletes and all perfect representatives of the ’’DBstyle“ man, to represent my story, my vision, and my history. Although they are from different continents and backgrounds, they have one common language.

They all believe strongly in the dictum that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind.

They are all passionate about a healthy way of life.

They understand that nutrition is the key, and they are faithful to this ’’religion.“

Their body is their temple.

Their commitment to sports is passionate, and their discipline consistent.

The result of their passion is a healthy, dynamic physique, a physique that society admires and that the media promote.

Physical beauty itself is a force, a powerful agency of influence and seduction. In today’s world, beauty and the power of seduction are seen as the key to success – and everybody wants to be successful in life!“